Sunday, September 7, 2014

Knocked Down and Back Up

     Stomach bugs; unpleasant, downright nasty things. No one welcomes illness, after all, the side effects of such unpleasantries are, well, unpleasant. Just when you feel you are once again right with the universe, boom, down you go again. Such pesky issues tend to cycle back to you when you aren't looking.
      When I am down, my mind often seeks to disengage itself from the situation focusing on my prayer list, the plight of various projects, or some strange, random thing- which was the case this time. Over and over again, during my conscious moments a song from the movie You've Got Mail rang through my head; "the violin sings with joyful rings, the clarinet, the clarinet goes doodley, doodley, det." Why on earth this happened I haven't the slightest, however, it's ironic that on my resting recovery day that very movie was playing. Of course, I had to snuggle in with soup and mint tea watching every minute of it. Wouldn't you?
     Fortunately, we are all upright and on our feet again; well past the broth and bland beverage phase. Today I actually cooked real food- after a week! I must say, it felt really good to get my knife back in hand smacking garlic and chopping onions and carrots with fierce abandon. From there I gathered the muster to face my seed packets and pull things for my upcoming fall planting; rainy days are wonderful for planning.
     I hope each of you are well and keeping yourselves healthy, after all, it is that time again! Might want to set some bone broth in the crock just in case.


Dicky Bird said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I would love mint tea and a good movie....but, not being sick. Have a good and productive week.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you, sweet friend!