Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Finally Time!

        The anticipation has been building; nervous energy courses through my veins. It is finally time to get back in the kitchen with the kids! We have had a nice long break- four weeks to be exact- long enough to let me breath- long enough to remind me how much I'd rather not be in the office- long enough to make me miss those rowdy monsters:)
         This week finds me back with my team introducing kids to the concept of growing- not only food but in our knowledge of food, eating- old foods in a new light and new foods with an open mind, and going- outside or in, getting our bodies off the sedentary and on the go, go, go! So what does that mean?
          Growing: Preparing gardens for fresh fall plants; participating in learning concepts teaching us how plants relate to each other and the world around them while showing us how we relate to plants and the world around us. My specific lesson this week: parts of the plants/plants we eat. Professor Go gets her overalls, hat and muckers on!
           Eating: In the kitchen, Professor Go and Chef Plate are whirling up some green smoothies complete with baby greens and frozen fruits! Who doesn't love a slushy, purple drink on a hot Texas day?
           Going: It's time to walk, hop, and crawl as Super Jenni shows the kids her Wonderful WAT obstacle course and challenges them to best themselves as they do it all again.
            Yes, it is finally here. The moment my team and I have been waiting for; preparing for; packing and planning for. It is time to get our groove on and get back in the kitchen with the kids! 

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