Monday, September 15, 2014

September's Garden

September finds us in 'clean up and clear out' mode;
old is pulled and tossed away
soils are turned and amended
hope springs as we think forward.
It has been a struggle to find my place in the garden-
the work gardens
the children's gardens
my three home gardens.
There just isn't enough time for all the gardening I need/want to do!
Last weekend brought a cool front to our area affording us relief from the heat and a chance to get ourselves into the gardens.
Our county gardens are once again being cleaned and readied.
School gardens are filled with students learning the in's and out's of garden care as they set seeds.
My home gardens are slow work in progress as I eek out a moment here and a half hour there to clean, amend and plant. This weekend I managed to work the greenhouse in hopes of transplants and some propagation starts.
The garden has always been my resting place- the source of my connectiveness- my place of peace and refreshing. In the garden I hash out my frustrations and grieve my deepest sorrows. There I pray, finding renewal and grace in the midst of His glorious creation. It is where children find me and share their hearts; their hurts; and their deepest secrets. We find inspiration, information, and the source of amazing wonder.
September's garden is set with transplants: broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. There are seeds going in: greens of every variety, roots of various design. Some areas are left to rest; our fruit garden is up for a deep clean out and a time of rest- clovers will grow offering nitrogen to the depleted soil. Other areas need a hearty amount of sweat and prune; the rose and herbal garden has grown out of control this year and desperately needs a severe trim.
Tonight finds me refreshed and quite worn out as I stand, hose in hand, considering all I have done and all I still have left to do. Gardens are organic things; living, growing, and always changing.
September's garden finds me peaceful- the dirt under my nails makes me feel like myself again.

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Dicky Bird said...

Nice post, gardens are like the circle of life - glad you find peace in yours.