Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finally Rain!

The earth breathes a sigh of relief today; rain has finally found it's way to my homestead! My coffee and I are soothed today by the sound of gentle raindrops as they fall outside my window. Yes. Rain is a good thing.
Our past few days have been a bit hectic as I my time in local schools increases. Funny how I can't remember how things got done last year. When did I wash laundry? Did I cook every night? When in the world did I mop a floor?
Work is not my only distraction; our sweet grandbaby is here to delight us with gurgles and giggles. Who wouldn't rather stroll under the tree tops or curl up with a story instead of scrubbing a floor? I must say, she and I do spend a good amount of time feeding the goose and swinging under the big oak tree. Fortunately she loves the outdoors and a good book as much as I do!
Rain is a gift. It causes us to slow down; to breathe; to rest.
Finally, rain!

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Dicky Bird said...

Mop the floor - what is that? LOL Enjoy your grandbaby!