Thursday, January 8, 2015

Feeding the Frozen Soul

Baby it's cold outside! It seems an arctic freeze found it's way south- all the way down to my homestead. Not only did it freeze, but it seems we also have freezing rain- blah. Weather like this tends to lead many normal human beings to a place of desolation and emotional despair. I am one of them. This girl was born for sun light and green growing things- not grey freezing rain.

Days like this are the reason I am have been redesigning the greenhouse. In order to keep my soul fed during the dreary winter months (or, in my neck of the woods- dreary winter days) the greenhouse is under renovation in order to provide a warm, thriving environment for life and soul lifting color.

Last summer my guys and I built raised beds and a stone path in the existing solar greenhouse. Each bed has irrigation hosing burried in the soil of the bed for 'at the root' irrigation. With the beds in place, it was time for some plants. This year I completed my herbalist certification, so herbs seemed like the perfect focus for the year round greenhouse.

Today, the thriving plants offered a welcome and stimulating sight. Thi basil's purple bloom stands stately beside a new rosemary bush and my colorful cuban oregano. There is thyme, parsley, stevia and even some patchouli. These dots of life are braving the new territory as I test the plans!

So what's next? My coffee cup and I sat between the rows sketching ideas and jotting notes: ventilation fans added in summer, shade cloth for the top, many more herbs- of course!

Winter weather makes me weary, and the only way for me to keep myself sane is to focus my mind and energy in a project- preferably one that involves plants!

What do you do to feed your frozen soul during dark winter days?

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