Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Quilty Finish for January- Just in Time

Okay. I know it seems a bit silly to celebrate something so small. This table topper quilt technically only took a few weeks to complete- but with my work schedule that is a miracle! Two color triangle squares set the blocks 'on point' giving the appearance of tumbling blocks. Some of you may remember this pattern was done in the exact same colors a few years ago, however, this one is much smaller and has different borders, backing and stitching. It is called, "Gazing Through my Window". It is a quilt for my mother.

For some time now my mother has been quite ill, spending plenty of time resting. Her home here with me is set so that from any place she rests there is a window view of different parts of the farm. Sitting with her one afternoon I realized that the position she often rests in lets her gaze through a tree top canopy at the blue sky. Quietly there my mind was drawn to the remnants of my previous quilt and the beauty of a blue sky with puffs of white where stark brown branches interrupt and hint at where beautiful leaves should be.

Sritching and scratching in my notebook, the design table filled with bits of this and pieces of that until the machine was called into action as snippettes of thread and tidbits of fabric magically came together in the form of this little quilt. The small size was important, as her home is dressed in small tables and little couches- perfect homes for little quilts.

The quilting stitches were the final puzzle I struggled to find. She loves flowers, but the are not in season and were not seen through the window. Farm motifs were out of place and leaves just didn't work for me. After days of doodling and moaning over the whole mess (I nearly gave up and said it would have to wait) when finally it hit me.. dogwood. She has always loved the dogwood. Looped petals along the blocks gave a gentle impression of breeze while lending the 'memory of leaves' that struck me as I gazed through her window.

It all came together at the very last minute. I was literally stitching the binding hours before our gathering- the pains of being too concerned with representation of the idea. Tucked in a gift bag, I was itching for her to see it.. of course, she loved it.. but the story has not been told.

So here, today, I share the imagery, the imaginary (the fretting) and the facts behind her quilt.. given with the intention of brightening dark days and bringing to mind all the wonder that can be found by simply "Gazing Through (her) Window".

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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