Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snack Time with LuLu and Miss K

A few months back someone new joined our little homestead; a beautiful white goose. Her name is Lucy, lovingly dubbed "LuLu' by little Miss K. My mother's idea, Lucy lives on the 'baby pasture' opposite the laying hens and milk goat area in order to keep her out of their water troughs. Though unsure of her at first, her loud honking sound has become a welcome to us- for she and Doc (the donkey) are quite eager to alert us at any moment. Her call brings a loving smile across little K's face- for that means it must be snack time.

One thing Miss K learned very quickly is that Lucy loves to be hand fed. Whether a piece of bread, a palm full of grain, or a cracker, Lucy eagerly waddles to you and enjoys your offering. She even stands by ready to muddle the ponds when you clean our her pools. Miss K loves to spend time in the pasture with her LuLu.

Any given afternoon, Miss K loves to take crackers out to dear LuLu. Sitting there on a fallen log, K offers out a cracker, which LuLu eagerly snips a bite from.. then K takes a bite; then LuLu takes a bite; then K. This will go on until they run out of crackers.

One day, Miss K's Uncle Rams decided to take her out for snack time with Lucy. In an effort to join the fun, Rams took a bite from the cracker in K's hand, which is apparently a no-no. It seems the two jabbered and honked and scolded him good! After all, you have to be invited to Miss K and LuLu's snack time- you can't just invite yourself.


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