Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet the Truffle Chickens


We have a few new arrivals on the farm. They arrived in much warmer weather than this (just saying). Let me introduce you to "the truffles".

All the way from Tomball, Texas, a little band of fluffy misfit cochin banties traveled- arriving at the Scaife Family Farm. These little bundles of fluff and feather now reside in brooder pasture with Lucy the goose and the family of ducks. Unlike our regular flock, they serve no great purpose other than entertainment (and a few tiny novelty eggs).

Miss K visited the new flock; treat in hand (if you look closely you can see the bread crumb in her grasp). Can you read the skepticism in her face? Those are chickens? I am still not sure she believes me.

Either way, they are here to stay. Awkward and unusual, these little puff balls are my mother's favorite afternoon entertainment. I have to admit, they are kind of growing on me, too.

So, join me in welcoming some new and odd members to the farm flock- the truffle chickens.

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