Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring Promise- Daffodils are Here!

It is miserably cold outside. Like the rest of you, I am bundled in my layers with a steaming cup of hot tea. Just when it seemed the dreary gray of winter might be here for good a sign of hope appeared. Daffodils.

I planted these bulbs years ago- so long ago, I no longer remember when. They border the daylilies which bloom much later- and are right near the summer gardenia bush. Just in front of a small pasture, used only in early summer, and right near my son's parking spot- these little beauties are a bit out of sight unless you are purposely going there.

Today I was walking after chores, trying to get some fresh air, when these sweet little sunny faces seemed to just pop right out at me. Cheerful and bright, they seemed to shout- don't worry, spring is almost here!

I picked a few to brighten my desk. Just as the day started to end a small glimmer of light peeked through the clouds; perfect timing for a picture.

Today I will savor the daffodils and the promise they bring- spring is almost here!

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