Monday, April 6, 2015

Offerings of Spring


The splitter-splatter of raindrops continue in intermittent cycles outside my window. Here and there a bird offers a song to break the melody. I managed a short walk around the property during a break in the rain to find signs of life; offerings of spring.

The herbal garden has greened up quite nicely with spots of color from daffodils and hyacinths. There in the foliage I spied a few early rose buds hinting at their presence. Soon this area will be filled with colored petals and the fragrance of citrus blossom.
Behind our house the woods are full of honeysuckle underlay with the white bloom of dew berry. Every time the sun pokes out bees scamper for nectar, pollinating to ensure a bountiful harvest is coming.

Tree buds can be seen if you look hard enough. Yesterday saw the first hints of pollen dust on every flat surface. Allergy season is sure to hit soon.

In these moments of transition inspiration can be found, for God has not forgotten. As sure as He will unfurl the leaves, He surely will unfold His plan for me. Such welcome sights offer me a realization: that every aspect of my life- be it home, office, blog, business- be a place of comfort and welcome; a place where we linger a bit, long to stay a while, and seek to come again.

The gloom of clouds may stay longer than desired, yet out of the rain will unfurl the glorious beauty of inspiration.

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