Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Clearing the Mess- June's Garden

The theme for June's garden is- mud. Raised rows, raised beds, even our mobile gardens are simply saturated and standing in mud. Any break in the downpours will find me slogging out to the gardens to baby the surviving plants and harvest whatever they offer me.

This particular week seems to offer a bit of sun, which means mosquitoes, mud and rot. Plants that have been severely water logged now face searing sunlight causing fungus, mildew, and death. Each day my goal has been to work one garden location (I have 3 home gardens, an education garden, and several school/community center gardens to tend).

Hanging in there: herbs, tomatoes, some squash, peppers, a couple eggplant, and believe it or not the green beans. It is a struggle to remove diseased leaves and aerate the soil as much as possible. Some growth is stunted, but they aren't dead, so we will give them a shot.

Berries are busy and green; mine seem to have delayed ripening, most likely due to lack of sunlight. Let's hope they get enough this week to harvest soon.

Many of the fruit trees, peach, nectarine, and citrus, dropped their fruits and blossoms during the severe weather. Winds that topple trees often toss the unripe fruits and blossoms right off.

Today I press forward: several beds cleaned and cleared, several more to go. In the empty spaces we did seed some okra; some we simply covered for fall. 

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Lisa Coon said...

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Keep up the good work!