Friday, August 21, 2015

The Adventures of Miss K: S is for Song

No matter what the moment or the mood we find ourselves in, a song always brings a smile. It seems a great many of our emotions are lifted when music tickles our ears. Miss K loves to sing.

In moments of play she is always drawn to musical items: her favorite? the nativity that plays Away in  a Manger. Dancing and smiling, the music gives her joy and softens a sour moment. Knowing this, we have set various 'musical' items around the house in order to offer her opportunity. Of course, she loves to snatch my phone with a request for Pandora's toddler tunes. Music is joyful, but singing is even better.

Holding a baby doll in her arms, she starts the tune Rock a by Baby, eyeing anyone nearby to join her. There is Twinkle Twinkle and a host of other familiar tunes- but there is one that stirs a reaction like no other. A song a have sung to her since birth; one I keep unique to her and her alone. When the first few words are heard all movement stops. She turns to face me with a smile bigger than anything you have ever seen. Giggles escape her as she wiggles side to side and inches closer- because we have to have a full hearty hug at the end.

I have no idea what made this 'our song'- it isn't modern, new, or even that common. It's quirky and unusual- like us. Interestingly enough I had decided the second verse just didn't fit us, so I reworded it when she just a few months old; a reflection of the crazy chaos that was at that time and how fun it was in spite of it.

So here it is, Miss K's favorite (the original version).

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