Tuesday, August 18, 2015

His Name Is Ben

His name is Ben, or as Miss K says, "Big Ben". This gentle giant came to be part of my home a little over a year ago; just about the time Miss K joined us. They have been partial to each other since the day they met. So have Ben and I.

It was a long journey from the little farm he was born on to the simple homestead where he now resides. Ben came to me at the tender age of 6 weeks; a cotton ball with a wet nose. From day one he found my lap, my foot, and my shoulder his favorite places to lay his head. We were inseparable, learning each other's manner and temperament. 
He has been my shadow, comfort and fervent protector every single day. At my side or under my feet, Ben is never far from me and always ready to warn me when things just don't seem right. He is a gentle dog, but has shown on more than one occasion the ability to protect and defend. 
Miss K and Ben are kindred spirits- loving the garden, the barn and the great outdoors. Story time has often found them side by side listening to me read to them. Upon her arrival, Miss K's first order of business is to bring Ben up to date on all things as she chatters away beside him in the kitchen. He offers a tender dose of attention and a few will placed kisses. If K goes outside, Ben is close beside her- it's the only time he goes anywhere near the baby pool!
With my family growing and changing, Ben has been my comfort and companion. He lays at my feet as I sip coffee after work, 'helps' me with chores, and joins me in the garden while I work. We are never apart when I'm home- he lovingly walks me to the gate and he eagerly greets me when I return. 

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Dicky Bird said...

What a gentle Ben - good dog!