Friday, August 14, 2015

The Adventures of Miss K: We Paint

In the afternoon, long after goat herding and chicken chasing, there comes a point in the day where we paint. A time of togetherness; of quite and stillness; painting time is where no words are spoken- none are needed. We paint. 

I hear the pitter-patter of her little feet. There at my side she smiles, paints and brushes in hand, and impish smile and teasingly asks, 'We paint?" She knows I always say yes. The anticipation builds in her little heart as I grab paper and a bowl of water; she loves to paint. 

At the table, she climbs to her favorite perch a.k.a. my lap. For the record, I attempted to find her a chair just the right height, but that was not going to work for Miss K. My lap is where it's at! Sitting there together, she has her paper and I have mine Together we begin the beautiful dance from water to paint to paper. Swish, swish, swish. 

Recently I purchased some glitter water colors- imagine her delight! Then I picked up a few new paint brushes- now that excited her. She loved them so much, she used every one of them (at the same time). 

Generally Miss K is much like me- always moving and going; quite a busy gal. Not true when we paint. Here she is still and quiet; focused on the process; unphased by the outcome. Some days she uses her favorite colors: blue, yellow and green. Recently she has been focused on individual colors and their variance: blue, then purple. I think for a 1 year old that is fairly amazing. 

What happens to all these water color pages? I'm glad you asked. After they have dried and Miss K has gone home, I sit down and sketch a memory on them. One of her in the garden, one on her swing, another with her donkey- you get the idea. These are gathered together in a folder for when she is older- Miss K's watercolor memories of Grandmama's house. 

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