Monday, August 17, 2015

August's Garden: Let it Go

August made it's appearance in a wave of intense heat; we tipped 108 last week! Temperatures like that pretty much bring all of life to a searing halt; especially the garden. That is why the garden theme in August is 'let it go'.

1. Pull it out! Plants succumb to the heat quite quickly leaving the garden a sad, crispy mess. All we can do is pull it out.

2. Put it in! The soil will be somewhat depleted from nurturing the summer garden. This past weekend found me adding manure and compost in thick layers.

3. Cover it up! As much as possible, I cover the beds/rows and let the sun cook down the compost along with weed seeds and pests; the fancy word is 'solarize'.

4. Let it go! I walk away and pretend it doesn't exist until planting time. That's the plan anyway. I never really can stay out of the garden!

5. Plan something new! Whether it is what we plant next, adding a new bed or two, or even creating a 'theme' for the area I love sketching and making notes on the next season's layout.

The three garden beds are going through a major overhaul this year in order to adapt to our changing homestead. Our large 'raised row' garden is intended to become the orchard/vine patch; blackberries, gourds, melons and wildflowers are in the plans. The victory garden (the one with a greenhouse) has six raised beds and several raised rows- the plans are to add a few more raised beds and possibly irrigation while planting 'pottager style'. This area will also have a small bed area for Miss K to work her tools in. I hope to stock the greenhouse with fresh herbs. Finally, the rose/herb area is to undergo the most change as a children's wonder garden filled with color, texture, fragrance and hidden storybook characters such as Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck.

Today I'm drooling over seed catalogs and perusing Pintrest for garden art ideas. I guess when you really look at it, I'm not letting go after all!

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