Monday, September 28, 2015

For the Love of a Girl- Doc and Miss K

From the first moment they met, Doc knew he loved Miss K. This tiny human stole the heart of a giant long-eared grump.
For the love of this girl
paces the fence waiting for her to visit his pasture;
announces her arrival with what seems like enthusiasm- if a donkey can be enthusiastic.
For Miss K, Doc
withholds his nibbling habit
for the tender brushing fingers of her tiny hands;
allows mushy girl kisses to command his mighty presence.
Not only has Doc become rather mushy with her, but he even caved in to nibbling dried leaves instead of his preferred 'fresh green' leaves (though he does spit them out when she isn't looking).
He has been seen fretting over her as she climbs the slide, 
or works the garden.
Jealousy has been suspected when he sees her
petting Ben, 
or chatting with the goose.

Yes, it is quite mind boggling how such a determined beast can be brought to gentle grace by a tiny bundle of giggles and curls. 
He is the first to announce her arrival and the last to tell her goodbye.
He is the first name she calls when she gets here and the last visit she makes before going home.
For the love of a donkey, Miss K sneaks carrots and apples from the fridge- and talks everyone into a walk outside.
For the love of a girl, Doc humbles himself with gentle love and grace.
I'm just waiting for the day she finally gets him to 'sit' on command (she is working very hard on that one).