Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Whole Living"- a New Direction

As a life long learner, and a nutrition educator, I have been furthering my knowledge base in nutrition, gardening, and agricultural practices- with a focus on frugal, practical, and functional. My life is in a season of change bringing with it a need for re-focusing- but in what direction? When your passions are many and somewhat broad, it can be a challenge to really zone in on a specific area of study or expertise. During a recent conversation with some youth, my mind was stirred at their questions, their direction of conversation, and their interaction with me.

While many are specialized in specific areas of study and knowledge, there is a need for someone to pull it together and be unique in their path of education. My chosen direction is 'holistic'- whole. It is time to gather the pieces of my knowledge base and blaze a path that meets a need often overlooked; holistic living, or whole living. Helping the average person worth withing their environment, utilizing the whole life, to move in a healthy direction physically, mentally, spiritually, and environmentally.

I have already been doing this for years- I just never realized it.

So bear with me on this journey as I seek to pull the parts together and make 'whole';
for myself,
for women,
for children,
for families,
for those around us.

Let's see where this new road takes us, shall we?

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Dicky Bird said...

I will follow along sounds interesting.