Monday, February 29, 2016

Join Me in Welcoming

Please join us in welcoming the first kid of the 2016 birthing season!

I arrived home from a late night of work to discover our first time mama, Daisy, had successfully delivered, cleaned, and started nursing her very first little one. Needless to say, I was impressed! This new mama was in the birth stall, fully up and functioning before the after birth was even delivered.

Of course, this warranted a quick picture and phone call to my right hand farmgirl, Miss K- who was all smiles and squeals. She quickly decided on a name- mama is 'Saisy' (as she says it) and her baby is a little Bud. I believe she chose well.

 Miss K could hardly contain herself long enough to arrive for his welcome. As you can see, they were instant friends. K is quite the goat mama- gentle, soft spoken in the stall, and very gracious in letting mama 'Saisy' know she, too, is loved and is doing a very good job. I, however, was in the dog house because I forgot to bring the raisins (every animal gets a treat from Miss K when she comes to see them). Shame on me.

Today, Miss K still reels with delight in joy of new farm babies. We hike out there regularly for nibbles and nuzzles from this sweet guy- and, of course, keep our eye the other new mama to be who is showing some healthy signs of kidding.

Let's join Miss K in her enthusiasm and welcome Daisy's Buck to the Scaife Family Farm!


Dicky Bird said...

Cute...good job Saisy...

Kathleen said...

Well, my heartiest congratulations. New babies are always fun and with goats they are often a surprise as well. I miss our goats. We've been taking an extended vacation from milking, but I do miss them. I especially miss the babies.