Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Little Hands on Deck

Of the many changes that have come to the homestead, a grand baby has been one of the most precious. Miss K has been a part of our lives for nearly two years, and in that time she has grown to be quite a little homestead hand.

She may look like a little doll, but this gal is a strong force to be reckoned with. Her little feet carry her to every corner of the Scaife Family Farm; barns, pastures, gardens and playgrounds are no match for her. K hauls feed, tosses hay, and works the garden right along side her Grand-daddy and me.

Every animal on the farm runs to greet their favorite little farm girl; they know she always comes baring gifts... raisins, carrots, and the tops of strawberries! Her hugs and kisses are welcome and met with tender nuzzles and noises. Eggs are gathered.. one at a time to the fridge and back. Nest boxes are fluffed every time she is here. Is it any wonder they love her?

As she grows, so do her skills. Where once she simply walked through the garden observing the growing things, now she pulls weeds, harvests, and waters. Instead of following us during chores, she pitches right in carrying feed and hay right alongside us. There is no need to drag her along, she visits all the different jobs several times in a day making sure little bits of things get done as we go.

The most important thing to remember when working with little ones at our heels.... to them all work is play. When K and I work together my expectations are light and flexible: we might work one row of weeds, clean one stall, or wash only a handful of dishes. That is all okay; it will get done, just slower that if I were doing it myself. It is about the process, not the results... and the process is a beautiful thing to be a part of.


Dicky Bird said...

wise words...I can't wait for grandchildren

Michele Scaife said...

Thank you! They are wonderful fun!!