Monday, May 9, 2016

A Mother Overlooked

For many, this weekend was filled with beautiful luncheons, dainty teas, and pretty pastel flowers. Some reflected sorrowfully over mothers long gone, or their own painful mother experiences. I propose there is another scenario often forgotten by the general consensus: the mother overlooked.

This woman is a busy woman. She is behind the scenes rushing about to get everything in order- everything in place. A program director, teacher, hostess of the day this woman has spent days- maybe even weeks- preparing for others to enjoy the gift and joy of their experience.

I celebrate this woman who drew no attention to herself and most likely received no recognition for her efforts. Today she goes on about her work, knowing full well that another holiday responsibility is just around the corner and if she is going to make it happen she needs to start preparing now.

Bless this dear soul in the shadows. May we look for her there and offer a sweet smile of acknowledgement for her humble and gentle strength.

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