Monday, May 23, 2016

The Most Precious Gifts

Every living thing communicates; all communication is not the same. Some souls have their own way of sharing their heart and connecting their soul with us.

Kneeling in a garden with a small group of children, one stood away from the activity. Quietly watching, he seemed vaguely interested yet distant. Others scampered about seeking new discovery.. not this one. I busied myself with the task of pulling weeds with whomever stopped by me to assist.

Alone there at the garden edge, he crept toward me. Hesitation gave way to calm as he came to kneel beside me. Small hands reached out to touch my hair gently pulling the long braid from my shoulder, he softly turned it this way and that.. studying it for a long period of time.

We stayed there at the edge of the broccoli bed, my braided hair in his hand as I worked with others to clear the debris. There was a quiet peace amongst the energy of his classmates. My heart marveled at the contrast of the three students there working with me: one scampered about bolding exclaiming his enthusiasm at every leaf and blossom; one seemed to follow the first but held some shy hesitation as if afraid to discover on his own; the one beside me seemed quietly content to just hold my hair.

Confidence seemed to grow as he stretched his free hand out and pointed to the nearby strawberry bed; he had discovered a half ripened berry hiding beneath the leaves. Without words we nodded to each other as he offered only a faint smile in return for mine. Hesitantly he leaned close to my face, looked me straight in the eye with my braid in his hands he whispered the word 'colors'.

I share this story to remind myself and you, every thing.. every one.. communicate in their own way, in their own time. The most precious gifts are revealed when we wait and allow them the comfort and security to share them with us. These three boys stole my heart- each in their own way. They fed my soul and taught me to watch and wait for the beauty of their being. I thank them for teaching me!

Miss K and 'Charlie' snuggling

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