Thursday, July 14, 2016

Achievable Goals? Are there any?

To grow my own food- loose weight- get off my medication- raise my own meat- be sustainable; self- sufficient- to be thin- to look like -- to be better!!!!

We have all heard them; many of us have 'set' them- goals. Some we have achieved; many we have been deceived by- most have broken our hearts, and a few have been destroyed by them. When I ask people about setting goals the answers all brought me to a realization... we are probably thinking too big.

Why is it we look so far and so wide for the bigger and better whatever? Can we downsize it a bit to create a reality we can work in? I believe we can. Setting a big goal isn't inherently harmful, as long as we realize that it is the 'big picture'. With in that big picture can be smaller goals leading up to where we want to be.

Example: Say I want to grow my own food. That is a fairly large goal (big picture). The smaller goals leading up to that might be to start a small garden plot with simple veggies (maybe a salad garden); my next goal might be to raise a small flock of hens for eggs. Letting our goals build on each other without adding another until we find comfort in the success of the first lends us to more achievable outcomes... success.

Last week my participants received a paper filled with various shaped hearts. Large hearts were there for the 'big picture' goals; smaller were the steps leading up to the big picture. While the exercise may sound tedious.. the smaller hearts are the ones we focus on.. and many found success already this week.

'I drank more water'...'replaced one soda with water'.. walked on my breaks at work... spent more time with my child.. ate a veggie with each meal..

Confession: I am terrible at small goals! My mind is always focusing on the 'romantic notion of big things'. This week's small goals have been a challenge to keep my eyes on, however, I am seeing good progress in myself.

What about you?

Are you a big goal or small goal person? Do you find success in your approach?

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