Monday, July 25, 2016

Under Construction - Refocusing!

Lost... disoriented.. wandering.. confused... unfocused.. did I mention lost?

So far this year has been a year of confusion; a sorting out of things. I sit here today attempting to find the focus that normally drives my existence. My life has changed- not in a bad way- just changed.

The children have moved on leaving my husband and I to wander how we managed before they arrived. Homestead dynamics change when there are fewer hands on deck.

My husband and I work different shifts which often means we aren't home at the same time. Basic home duties are trying to rotate around odd hours.

While we still homestead, we are faced with the challenge of scaling down and figuring out what fits the two of us instead of the five or more of us. Gardens, livestock, and land management are in limbo as we try to gage our resources.

Yes, it seems I would have more time, but that's really a misconception. With less hands to help with the work, there is less time. Any amount of free time I find is being used to clean out and declutter as much as possible.. except:

Since crazy runs in my family, I decided to register for my holistic health and nutrition license which means time needed for study before the exam. This takes me away from the declutter focus I was on.

Basically- it's chaos around here, but, here's the jist. The homestead, blog, and person are 'under construction'. There will be brainstorming, creative chaosing, and all out overhauling! While the blog is still something I want to do, it really needs some clean up (along with everything else).

For the next month or two, my focus will be intently on my exam. After that, the homestead gets a face lift, the clutter gets moved out, and the blog gets a redesign!

Let's see how this goes :)

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Dicky Bird said...

Sounds like we are in the same boat. Making hay this year was waaaayyy harder without daughters and boyfriends - now sons-in-law. We gave ourselves a 5 year plan on the small square bale thing...we plan to move to round bales! Good luck on your studies and exam!