Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another cold, rainy day...

Here on the farm, water water everywhere. The natives are growing restless from so much time without sunshine and fresh air. As we wait for the return of clear days, each of us busies ourselves (near the fireplace, warm cup of coffee, tea or cocoa in hand) with studies, cleaning, and of course, handwork.

This is a painting by our veryown artist, Simply-nrae (known as Tereslie at devantart). Watercolored mice enjoy a dainty tea party in the warmth of their home. This pretty treasure adorns my bookcase.

Simplyjen is working on a beautiful table centerpiece made of crocheted threadwork and farmboy has been making jerky and repairing handtools. Today he made a fresh handle for his hatchet (a must-have around here). I am sewing dresden plate quilt pieces to applique on tote bags.

Here is our way to spend rainy days...what about you?


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