Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are ya a Goat Mama?

Ya know, I was havin' a thunk the other day, sitting in the lil' goatie pen watching them play. I came to realize that there's certain qualifications to bein' a Goat Mama, and I qualify in every way a person can. Here's a few thing's I've noticed:
You might be a Goat Mama ( or Papa ) if:

1. You can communicate with your goats by bleating.

2. When you're in their pen, bending over for some reason or other, they decide to put their hooves up on your behiney, leaving hoof prints, and nibble the ends of your braids; or, decide to hop all the way on your back, because they think it's cute.
3. Your babies are so spoiled they suck your thumb, instead of their own.
4. Whenever you sit down they immediately fight for room on your lab and start giving you goatie kisses on your nose. (SWAK!)
5. Your babies hear your voice and immediately start sqallerin' as if they're gonna die because they haven't seen you for the last fifteen minutes.

6. Whenever one of the lil'ins is playing with the Big Wether On Campus (BWOC), and one is left all alone, they'll cry till you come and make it better and give her loves too.

7.Whenever your babies call, you immediately go make sure everything's all right because you're overly attached to your lil babies.

Here's just a few things I've thought of, and if you realize these "Guidelines" apply to you too, guess what?

~Goat Mama (aka..Jen)


Beth Stewart said...

haha girl I LOVE IT! lol but I don't meet any of the guidelines unfortunately. :(

Love you! Keep blogging! :)

SimplyScaife said...

Thanks for the comment!! Luvs ya! Goat Mama