Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Him and Me

   A day like any other day. A day full of things we need to do: canning, cleaning, sewing and such. Instead of tending the long list of worries and work we took a little diversion..just him and me.
   Such a simple little thing; time away from it all. A short drive from our little farmstead lies a waterway where kayaks can be rented. We slipped away from the chores, no teens, no troubles..just him and me.
   At the rental counter the young (very young) man needed an emergency contact. We looked at each are always my emergency contact..but you're with me. I put him and he put me...poor young man..he says..aren't you both here? Obviously...but we listed our house phone..our teens are them if we turn up missing.
  On the way to enter kayaks we discussed seating and leading:
Me where do you want to sit?
He wherever..should I sit in the front so I can hear your talking?
Me should I sit in the front so I can hear your directions?
Man getting boat she sits in the front..she is the in are the rudder. Now, you in front..sir, you in back..(the boat rocks vigorously as he climbs in making me holler)..  no worries, I am holding it. you really think those ten little fingers are going to keep this boat and both of us from tipping over? really?
   Give him credit..that boy never cracked a smile or missed a beat. We were sent away with have fun and don't kill each other., you didn't tell me there would be rules!
   Once on the way (and after re-establishing left from right) our trip around the water was wonderful. Warm breeze brushed our faces carrying the scent of water and woods; lapping water sloshed and splattered. We laughed; we teased; we talked and pestered..and sunburned our legs..him and me.
   Leaving is the hard part; returning to the everyday of things. He had to get to work..I had chores to do and meals to make. Little outings like things are very out of our nature..something we never do.
   I may be..something we do again:)




J.E. Traweek said...

Praise the Lord, that sounds like FUN! EXCEPT for the sunburned legs!
Well, summer is (almost gone), hope you both do this AGAIN soon!
These are great pictures too! Good weekend!

Keli Martin said...

Ha! Love it!

Becky said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. So glad you got to do that.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank everyone..we really enjoyed our time out together.