Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cleaning the Brooders

Once again it seems the job of cleaning the brooders - miraculously- fell to me. Even though I remember telling someone it was their turn; but that was before she was called in to work - with her sister. Hmm. Seems I then remember telling someone they needed to assist me since we were the only ones here; but that was before I gave him permission to be somewhere else. Hmm. Funny how this worked out - isn't it?

Yet, it is not all lost. While up to my ankles in muck, feeling rather grumpy about my situation, a song came on the radio (yes, we keep a radio on in our barn- 24/7). Memories flooded my mind - sorrow and laughter surrounded me.

Remember when...this job was mine because: they were too small, too sick, had another broken bone, etc. Remember when...I kept telling myself when they were older this would be easier...they are, it isn't. Remember biggest problems for the day was sibling arguments and another spill in the living room. Remember when... tough questions were if Snow White was real and if God loved the chickens. Remember when.... "that look" stopped them in their tracks. Wow, that was a long time ago.

Well, one day I will look back and remember when....though they were gone during the day, I could look forward to having them home at night; though the challenges were bigger, they were here to be challenging; though I complained about how much they forget to do, more often than not they were here to do it. May I laugh at my ideals of how I thought it would be, and how is turned out.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me a blessing despite my grumbling..loving me anyway.

For now, I will clean the coop because more and more my family is changing; more and more the chores will become mine; more and more I will reminisce about then and now. So tell me, do you remember when?


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