Thursday, March 25, 2010

They're loving it...

....sunny weather (yesterday was drizzly). Every creature on the farm- big and small- are enjoying warm sunny weather. The dogs are having a blast running after every bird and squirrel (though they never catch any). The chickens are stretching their wings, scratching and crowing in the grazing pasture. Bunnies are munching sweet spring grass in their pens. The cats are sunning on the porch swing. The beloved goats are munching fresh undergrowth along the fence for us:
Today we are still studying our lessons, planting garden beds, making some fromage blanc (a type of cream cheese), and some peanut butter granola. There is bustling around the greenhouse preparing for tomorrow's special 4-H project: replanting the sensory trail for Leap of Faith (the equine assisted therapy center where simplyjen and simplynrae volunteer). Our farmboy is pounding out a special leather project- a belt- first one he has ever done!
While we enjoy the beautiful weather, it does bring with it plenty of work...but we don't seem to mind. We are thankful that God has given this day, this sunshine, this work, and the blessing of being able to do it together.
Enjoy your sunshine wherever your are!

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