Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday WIP

skirt pattern

This week's work in progress is a new skirt for simplyjen. Our little goatmama has decided to take up a new skill -the art of making clothing. Let me admit, my own clothes-making skills are limited at best. Simple tops, bottoms, and skirts are within my skill zone, however, I am more of a quilter (or craft sewing) gal. Yet, we remain undaunted and are jumping into a new pattern - head first.

Simple and sweet, this pattern caught her eye as she scanned the Simplicity website for ideas. The directions require basic cutting and layout skills as well as making a casing for the drawstring waist. I find gathering the most difficult part of this type pattern- getting those little puckers even can be tricky (least for me they are); maybe she will not have a problem with it.

For first-timers I always recommend using a fabric you like but are terribly attached to. Disasters happen and if your not too partial to the material- the mishap won't break your heart. Old cotton bed sheets or mark down fabrics are great for practicing on, and they wear nice if the pattern goes well. Simplyjen has chosen a cotton fabric with blue print (looks a little like bubbles designs to me).

When we size a pattern, we use body measurements (such as waist, hip, leg) to determine the proper size. I have found patterns to run a bit large if you use your clothing size. For her, we will use the smallest size the pattern fits and adjust as necessary. Being a drawstring waist, adjusting will be easier than a zipper or button waist.

Conveniently, this pattern carries the range of size that will fit all three of us farm gals. Simplynrae has not yet chosen her material pattern, but has some in her sights. I am imagining a soft brown floral cotton- we'll see. To extend the life of the pattern (and utilize all the sizes available) a copy will be traced and marked on tracing paper before we layout on the material.

We would love to hear about your works in progress; leave us a comment with a link to your blog if you have one. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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