Monday, July 12, 2010

To Be Home....

My welcome home greeting...

We are back home after a time away. Thursday afternoon the farmkids and I headed to our little chuch in preparation for a rummage sale benefitting our youth mission trip. We stayed with a family from our church (they live right next to the church building) so we could be on hand each morning to get the sale up and going.

Yes, we had a wonderful time..yes, we met and made contact with many people in our community...yes, the earnings were wonderful and will be a great help to our youth, but..there's no place like home. Our church family shared their wonderful hospitality and made our stay productive and welcome; there's just something about returning home.

Will we feel like this one day, when we reach Heaven's gate. As I drove into my own farmgate I contemptated the possibility of walking up the Heavenly highway and seeing the gates (all in my imagination, I do not truely know what arriving at Heaven will look like) - feeling that "at peace" warmth that only comes when you truely arrive "home".

Tonight I ponder the people we met during the sale, different, unique, from all walks of life...all in need of Heaven and home- will they be there with me?

Time to ponder anew; consider my course; where does it go from here? The invitation to join us for services was extended to each person we met...though none may ever follow through. For now, I pray for them...for the community...for the ones who do not seek if I may share with them the peace of knowing the way Home. Ah, to be home.


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