Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Above The Influence...

 In His Hands We are Healed
   Simplynic's art web page has been hosting an art challenge called "Above the Influence." The purpose of this challenge was to get young people to recognize the influences around them (both positive and negative), and illustrate the positive influences that gives them the courage/strength to rise above the negative influences. She met this challenge head on, pencil in hand, and here you see the original depiction of her positive influence.

   Let's consider. Do we take the time to discuss (introduce/point out) the influences daily facing young people today? Not just youth/teens, but young people....early adult, thirties? Influence is everywhere and it enters our homes in many ways. Media is one of the most obvious tools of influences: book/magazine, phone, TV, movie, computer, Personal associations: friends, family, neighbors, fellow students, idols/superstars. Let's not forget parents, for we have the potential to be the greatest influence if we put the time and work into it.

   Are all of these influences negative...not necessarily, but they can be. If left unchecked, they often will be. Do we discuss? Are we even aware? Some believe that if left to themselves, young people/youth will eventually see the truth and make the right choices. Do you agree? I know that my personal experience would not support that statement.

   I challenge you to pose the question to yourself, your spouse, children, family, social group...whom ever you have contact with this do you rise above the influence? As for simplynic, I was pleasantly surprised by her response...her insight. She has been through her share of teen influence..she is growing through it..she knows where to draw her strength. Do you? Do others around you?

   This youth is equipped; does she always use the equipment; can she say she never falls to the influence? Well, can you? We all stumble. We all make mistakes. The key is having the equipment available to draw from, recognizing the negative influence when it is pressing us and turning from it.

   Let us know your thoughts...what gives you the strength to rise above the influence?

simplychele and simplynic

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