Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Precious Little Gift...Restoring

1914 Singer Child's Sewing Machine

   This precious treasure has come home to live with me here on the farm. So small and pretty, I almost burst when I saw it. My heart has a soft place for beautiful old treasures that seem to have lost their place. Once upon a page in history, this little thing had a purpose..a place. It knew its purpose..others who saw it knew its purpose. It was put into use; allowed to have a place and serve its purpose well. This little thing knew its usefulness as did anyone who saw it. What great futures were stared here..at its place..in its purpose?

  Many of us treasure beautiful antiques; I do. Today I begin to restore this little sewing treasure. Cleaning the obvious places; what we see first, then digging deep inside to clean the dust and debris that is hindering it's function. Some parts will need replaced, if I am able- yet, this little sewing machine will never be what it was before.

  As much as we treasure antiques- we ought to treasure people more.  All around us we are tearing each other down- with hurtful words, destructive deeds, misused information; misunderstanding. We are destroying each other's place; our purpose.

   Just as I have begun to restore this little gift, so we should begin to restore each other. Forgive one another, the obvious parts. Then mend hurts; look deep into the hidden parts and clean out the dust and dirt that are disrupting our functions. Replace what is broken where you are able. Just like the little sewing machine, we may never be as we were before, still, look to each other and seek to restore.  Each of needs our place and our purpose. Now, let's begin restoring each other---just like my precious little gift.


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