Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday..Ponderings from the Accidental Pastor's Wife

  Today A Book Review......

       Come to the Lord's Table

   Baptist churches hold two ordinances; believer's baptism and the Lord's Supper (also known as Communion, or Eucharist). These ordinances fall at various times in a church calendar according to the individual church.
   Believer's baptism is often held soon after a person's profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. However, the Lord's supper is a bit more varied. Our church holds this ordinance of the fifth Sunday of any month containing five Sundays. Though the timing may vary, the purpose and intent should not.
   I have posted here the cover of the book Come to the Lord's Table by Claude King (with meditations by Andrew Murray). This book has been on my shelves for some time now (purchased at Lifeway Christian Bookstore), studied once before in a large church in preparation for the Lord's supper service. Being rather new to our current church family, and desiring to ensure we are holding to the Biblical ordinance correctly, I pulled this book down for my family to study again.
   Come to the Lord's Table is intended to be a three week study guide directing the individual to search and prepare their heart before participating in the ordinance with their body of believers. Each day the reader is given Scripture, explanations and sometimes a "parable" type lesson with heart searching questions to guide them. A meditation or prayer is given after the day's lesson in order to guide your thoughts throughout the day.
    The book is well written and easy to follow. It can be done as a group, a whole church, a family or as an individual. Our home is studying through it individually, yet with occasional discussion as needed. With our children being teens (17, 15, and 13), this approach seems to be going well. They were younger the last time we studied this book, and as I recall, I studied it and adjusted the lessons to their understanding and attention span.
    Do I recommend it? Yes. If you are seeking to better understand the purpose of the Lord's supper, the invitation the Lord has made to you, and to understand how to partake of it in a worthy manner then I encourage you to study Come to the Lord's Table.


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