Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Driving Permit.....

   Believe it or not, we have another teen behind the wheel in this family; keeps my prayer life active. Yesterday simplyjen, our little goat mama, took the written portion of her driver's exam. She passed and now has  a learner's permit..oh, my!
   As with most things in life, this means the teaching is not over..it has just changed direction. We now move from just "book learning" to applying the learning to the situation. Doesn't this apply in most areas of our lives?
    To me, our educating or teaching, must grow with the child and with the situations. We lay foundations for them with "textbook teaching" or with boundaries, but at some point we must graduate from the book to the application. Teaching addition and subtraction eventually leads to record keeping and accounting; spelling and grammar give way to  writing and speaking. The driver's classroom training graduates to behind the wheel training.
   What about our spiritual education? Do we graduate to application? Do we dig deeper, or are we content to just "book learn"? Devotionals are nice..studies are better...line-upon-line is a little deeper..expository study...then what? Live it out! Put the Book learning to life...take it beyond the "classroom". God wants you to grow in Him; in His Word. He wants you to "drive".
   Join me in accountability..let's start deepening our personal spiritual education, shall we? Grab your Bibles...let's commit to study a verse a day..a chapter a day..a Psalm or Proverb a day. Then, graduate with me and apply it to life. Life out the Scriptures...be like our Lord. Seek the Book and earn your "driver's permit".


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