Wednesday, September 1, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday...What Are You Working On?

                  So, What Ya Doin?

  I get that question alot. Today, I am asking simplyjen what she is doing. Anytime she has a hook in hand it's a clue something pretty is going on.

  It fascinates me to no end how anyone can do thread work, also known as fillet crochet. My mother always did lacy thread work when I was growing up, and it seems this gal has inherited the knack.
  Here she is making lacy crochet bookmarks. With creamy ecru centers and vibrant edging (this one is a deep purple), the bookmarks are elegant and charming.
  Two are complete with creamy ecru centers; one has variegated green edging- one royal purple. Vintage style tassels hang from the bottom (or the top if you prefer).
  Simplyjen is whipping up several of these pretty little bookmarks for this month's new Etsy shop listing. We hope to have them up for sale later this afternoon.

   Creativity is never a waste. Whether your outlet is a journal, a simple sketch, a bookmark or a pot holder..your handwork has a in your life..your day...your family. It is a Gift from God (who, by the way, is very creative..just look around!).
   Creativity has always been encouraged in our home..I hope it is in yours as well. Please share some of your creative work with us. If you have a blog, leave your link in our comment box. If not, post pictures and information about your project in our comment box. We love to see other's at work.
    Have a happy, creative W.I.P. Wednesday!

simplychele and simplyjen

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