Thursday, December 30, 2010

WIP Update

The beautiful, floral quilt is finally quilted. Thousands of tiny stitches form clouds, leaves and petals. Tiny bees, rabbits and butterflies are hidden within the wandering blossoms of the quilting pattern. Trailing vines line every inch of sashing, including the outer border of the quilt.

Completely quilted.

Preparing for the binding in a chocolate floral print.

Trying to determine if tabs would be right for this quilt.

A complete view before the binding process.
   As it goes with all things, there is a sigh of relief mixed with sorrow. I will miss this project when it is done. Things grow on me..I have become rather comfortable with this project. Like a dear friend, this quilt has gone with me to meetings, doctor's appointments, and waiting rooms. We have traveled on long trips together and sat at the window listening to the rain. The quilt has kept me company when the kids were asleep and my husband worked late...we have become friends.
   Soon this little dear will go is not mine. A tinge of excitement and anxiety fill my heart as I look forward to the quilt's owner seeing the work for the first time. Soon it will go home and find its place with a new family...what a blessing! Loved and cared for, it will be. Any day now..

   Of course, this means...
        a new project for me!

(Yes, I have several waiting to be next!)



A Joyful Chaos said...

Delightful! After seeing this I now have the urge to get my sewing machine out. With snow drifts piled everywhere and forecasts for a balmy 14ยบ today sounds like the perfect day to do so.

simplychele said...

That does sound like good sewing weather! We rarely have cold weather down here. Hope to see a WIP from you soon.