Sunday, January 22, 2012

Into Every Live...

   Into every life little weeds do come. These invasive roots leech the nutrients from our soil robbing us of our health and productivity; destruction is their purpose. Sometimes the weeds come upon us by the simple everydayness of life..not of our doing. Often, though, the weeds strangling our life are brought of our own choices; acts of self-destruction we have neglected and let grow.
   Into every weedy patch of life must come the piercing. Sharp tines of the broad fork working deep to the root of the problem softening the soil..loosing the hold of destructive roots. Herein pain is necessary for our good; for our restoration. Small weeds are easily removed, but the ones long left to set have dug in deep requiring intense work..a deeper work.
   Into every life a little help is needed. The process of piercing and weeding is painful and often overwhelming causing weariness to slow the progress. If help comes along side us, the load is lightened and our spirit lifted. Sometimes weeds might be overlooked if not for the helpful eye of another. What devastation was prevented by this blessed assistance.
   Into every life needs to come change. Once cleansed and softened our purpose can be restored; change can come giving new life. Without the tangle of weeds, the opportunity for seeding is presented. Our purpose is restored and our strength renewed. A change of direction is a blessing not only to us, but to the others around us.
   Into every life lessons are taught. This week, our family is working through the lessons of choices and consequences..of weeding and of change. May God pierce the soil of our hearts, bring help alongside, and restore us to productivity and purpose.

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