Monday, January 23, 2012

Of Teens and Things

   Teenagers: I have three; high school and college; strong wills and minds of their own. In the past few years my prayer life had made leaps and bounds. From driving to first employments; graduations and transcripts youth in your life will definitely keep you on your knees!
   Lest we say life is all bad, there are amazing moments in these youth filled days. Discussions over dinner and dishes reveal the depth of their hearts and the vastness of their knowledge; glimpses of their heart in a moment of, indeed. Yet, teens must be handled carefully.
   When it comes to my life with teens, I have come to a few definite conclusions:

*  Things change quickly. Just when you think you can take a deep breath and sigh with relief...wham! 180 turn of events.

*  We can equip them but we can't make them use the tools. All the teaching in the world and no one can predict the choices they will make.

*  Mistakes will come. Small or large, they are isn't a matter of is a matter of when.

*  Once a situation occurs we have to decide to teach from here because there is no going back.

*  Keep the lines of communication open and choose to love them through it.

   Our teens range in age, and the challenges they face are tough. No one of them will respond to the challenges the same way, but they can learn from each other..and we can learn from them. Deep in the depths of my heart is a yearning for wisdom and grace..and the discernment to use it well.

   Today my prayers are for parents in this season..the season of teens and things. We are facing challenges and changes that require the strength and mercy of our Heavenly Father. Families, I am praying for you.


momto8 said...

oh i so agree! teens are predictably unpredictable!
they have moments of great insight and understanding and the very next moment do the stupidest thing imaginable!
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you..yes they are very unpredictable!
I did hop over to your lovely blog..its so encouraging..thank you.