Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Blessings Often Overlooked

1. Pollen dust on a nose.
2. Twinkling stars with a cricket chorus.
3. Praying for every body that fills the classroom you are cleaning.
4. The joy of doing something just because you can.
5. A crowded kitchen filled with chatter and laughter.
6. Strong arms holding you together when you start to fall apart.
7. Being the stake that supports a tender vine as it grows and falters.
8. Companionship shared by a dog.
9. Quiet moments between loved ones.
10. The unfailing faithfulness of a Mighty God.

So often missed;
So often overlooked.
It is the little blessings
that in the end
were truly
big blessings
after all.
Look for them today
and share them abundantly.


a8383 said...

I love the visualization of being a stake. Um, yes, avid gardener here! Angela

Simply Scaife Family said...