Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where Do I Start?

   Facing the first week after multiple monumental events (wedding, master gardener classes, sick teen) had me facing a serious question...where do I start? For eight weeks I have been in class, taking tests, studying ahead, planning cakes and flowers and such things that generally never cross my mind, so what now? The notion of resuming a routine can be ominous and overwhelming.
   First and foremost I poured a steaming cup of coffee and walked among the hyacinths soaking up a little sunshine and beautiful fresh air. Pencil and paper in hand, my stroll ended at the small bistro table under the myrtles. A deep breath and a small prayer started the process.
   Though Miss Kitty could care less the needs of a household, I had some work to do and it started with lists. Whenever I get seriously off track or my routine changes it is time for me to jump start the process with a few master lists. First list: what needs done. Time to determine those priorities and write them down. Second list: what I want done. Branches may not need picked up in the far pasture, but I want them picked up. From here comes the list of ideas...how time will flow. I block my day by meals (because with teens, meals rule your life). Morning, afternoon and evening columns are made on the paper and I pencil in time slots for getting those priorities, and working in some wants.
   Mr. Kitty was sure this process was futile, but it was proven worthy year after year..disrupt after disrupt. So where do I start? Dishes, laundry and some clutter control..moving on to bigger beasts..feed storage clean up. From here, I desperately need to get back in my sewing room..we are working on some videos to post for the quilting section. What did I accomplish today? Exercise..junk food toss...some fabric cutting and an outline. It's a start.
   So, how do you get back in the groove when the wagon's been tipped over?


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