Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wondering in the Wind

   It has been such a long long time since the dancing of a windmill could be heard around here. I can't even recall the last time laundry wasn't hanging limp on the line. This past week was stirred with whipping, whirling winds carrying with them a slight nip of chill. Morning chores actually required a hat and gloves while glittery frost made an appearance on the empty corn field.
   Coming around the corner of the barn I was tackled by a gust of chill that nearly knocked me off my feet. I stood there smiling at the memory of prairie winds sneaking up on me from around a building. Those gusts would drag my hair right out of its braids and tangle it in knots that would plague me for a good hour..once my grandmother saw them. Winds that pushed and pulled at you while you trudged to the barn and tore the mail right out of your hands. Wild prairie winds whipped clean clothes from the line, sending us chasing them across the pasture. Winds that howled in the night sending chills down your spine.
    Here I stand wondering in the wind..wondering those wonderful days when the scariest thing known was the basement and grandma's evil cat. A sigh escapes much I miss them all. Farm boy calls me from my wondering; he's desperately in need of some hearty breakfast. That's okay. The wind's visit isn't yet over leaving me many more days to stand and wonder.

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