Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dealing in Mundane

    Fellow interns gathered around the ice machine for a cool drink of water. Flustered chatter revealed a general disdain for a specific repetitive task...weeding. I just laugh lightly to myself..after all, 90% of gardening is weeding...and since starting my garden rotation as an intern I have to say much of my 'in garden' time is spent..weeding. It doesn't bother me.
      My calm disposition toward such mundane busy work rattles the most reserved of our group. How on earth do you stand it? The answer is simple..perspective. I'd rather be weeding than sitting in a classroom... or standing in the corner watching others work. Weeding is better than being in a hospital or down with a migraine, but there are many ways I work through mundane tasks..after all, much of my day is spent squatting or kneeling at some dreary ordeal.

Dealing in Mundane

    1. Distraction. I look for the beauty amidst the madness..a ladybug, the venation of a leaf..clouds overhead, the song of a bird. Focusing on the beauty and wonder distracts me from the drudgery at hand. 
    2. Disassociation. Setting my mind on other things, such as a book I've been reading, a hymn I love..praying for people, making plans..ideas, recipes. When my mind wanders over other things, the mundane are less offensive.
    3. Discussion. If I'm not alone, striking up a conversation always makes the work a bit lighter. This is a great time to hear the heart of one of my teens, make plans together. At the Master Gardens, this is opportunity to swap recipes, tips..ideas..and get to know some one I am only acquainted with.


     Many daily tasks are mundane and dull..we face them everywhere, and often the way to deal with it is just get it done. I find it amazing, once my mind is set to the task, how quickly it goes. A row of weeds cleared, a stall cleaned...ironing all done. Oh do I hate ironing..but, that's for another day. Here is how I deal with mundane tasks..what about you?


Dolly Sarrio said...

I have to confess that I don't even get the really important things done at times. The mundane forget about it they will be last on the list. Right now the flower gardening is taking over moping the floors etc...You are right the mundane are the hardest to do. I for some reason love to iron, I don't have to do it much anymore but I love it. Put on some music, or like you do think, sing, pray and it goes more quickly. Thanks for this thought provoking post.

Michelle said...

The mundane in the garden doesn't bother me. On the other hand the mundane of house work is definitely not my favorite.

Simply Scaife Family said...

I have to say any outdoor mundane is way more likely to get done than indoor..Dolly, ironing is my dread, but several ladies seem to enjoy it. Strange enough, I'd rather be weeding. :)

Keli Martin said...

I find that my mind does the same while weeding. I just love being outside doing chores so much better than being stuck inside. My laundry and dishes are proof of that! :P