Wednesday, May 22, 2013


    Thunder rumbled and lightening cracked waking us in the middle of the night. Rushing winds and heavy rain shook the trees causing the screen doors to beat against the house. It was a long night filled with prayer and restless pacing as we waited out a sudden storm.
    Morning came all too soon reminding us that milking doesn't wait..even for sleepy farm boys. Stepping out revealed the blessings of the night; all was well..nothing serious had happened. Branches lay strewn about the pastures leaving nibblings for curious little goats. Doc was none too pleased with all the ruckus displaying a sour disposition throughout the day. Chickens tip toed through muddy grasses searching for stray bugs and seeds. Even our tiniest hatchlings weathered the night just fine.
     The gardens were a bit beaten yet intact and burdened with harvests. We tied tomatoes back in place and stood the peppers back up right..mulches and stakes had shifted with the flow of heavy rainwater. Corn stalks needed hilled and straightened; strong wind had toppled them to their sides. Green beans were the most beaten and burdened. After picking their wet pods, we tried to stand the stalks and bank them up a bit..might have to run a string line for extra support.

         In the end, the sun still was still done...daily doings continued without break. Yet in the realization of our grace our hearts turned to others who's storm left them in dire desperation. As we tied the plants and picked up the branches our hearts uttered compassionate prayers for those suffering and recovering from recent storms. Today, we clean and continue..and pray for those who cannot.


Dolly Sarrio said...

Touching, inspiring. I'm so glad you came out of this as good as you did. Thank you God.

Dicky Bird said...

Nice post and nice pictures.

Aunt Sue said...

I wondered if you got any of the storms. I was praying for all of you when I saw that you were in the path of the storm system.