Thursday, May 23, 2013

In The Works

    Tonight I sit with pen in hand scribbling notes and notions; my mind bouncing from one thing to another. This week several things are 'in the works' so to speak..and all of them are rolling around my head.
     The farm boy and I have decided to work on flex-recipes that coincide with current harvest foods. Right now we have some flex variations on sauerkraut; one has quite a kick! In regards to flex recipes, the farm boy and I are also considering a recipe ebook. We have been playing with the idea for a year seems publishing one is trickier than it seems.
     I am putting together both a cheese making class as well as a soap making class for this summer..choosing just one to demo and work through is quite a challenge! For now I am making outlines and testing some ideas regarding molding. We'll see how it works out. I would love to teach things like this regularly, but the demand just doesn't seem to be here in my area.
    With the hand quilting motif sampler pretty much complete, it's time for a new project in the sewing room. Right now I am working on setting an online class series using a traditional split rail design. This is simple and so pretty..hoping to spark interest in new quilters with an easy and fun start pattern. A basic jelly roll will give a nice picnic size quilt for a great beginner project.
    Finally, in an effort to spark interest in my poor little Etsy shop I am creating a pattern and working on some baby items based on this cute little dress. Hidden among old polyester items in an antique shop, this little dress caught my eye and grabbed my heart. Maybe this will take off..maybe.

    There you have it..the musings and musterings of my simple mind. These are the things that cause me to lug a spiral notebook every where I go jotting and sketching at will. Even my poor farm boy's practice driving sessions become frantic idea frenzies (keeps my mind off the fact my little teen is behind the wheel!).


Dolly Sarrio said...

You are one busy person and interesting too! Good post. You are a good teacher I do know that. Teen driving wow..

a8383 said...

Ooh I would be very excited for your classes! Angela