Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today I...

    This week passed me by way too quickly; not even a dent was made in my list. The arrival of intense heat and humidity have a few in my house battling sinus woes; that slows everything down. Work doesn't stop for weather or weariness, so this week I have to pick myself up and get it done.
     Today I am:
weaning baby goats (if you have ever separated kids from their mamas, you feel my pain)
dealing with a sick goat (someone broke into the feed area and did herself in)
groaning over a production drop (doe in heat, and, well, it's hot)
mulching and irrigating (oh, but when it's done- hurrah) 
canning (like the kitchen needed to be hotter)
piecing a new quilt (when I have a spare moment to sit)
     Oh, the list goes on and on. Laundry is never ending, as are the dishes, not to mention the house could use my attention. Who dusts when their are gardens to play in? Needless to say, a good night's sleep, some hearty breakfast and a couple cups of coffee..maybe then I can tackle the list. Maybe. 

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Dicky Bird said...

Don't feel bad, scouring calf, 5:30 am and pm bucket feedings, rain and more rain...I still haven't crossed off everything on my to do list from Monday....