Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Day of Non-Labor

   Friday afternoon I left the office and didn't look back. A week of frustration behind me, it was time to just be home. When I returned to work, I ran head first full of unfettered optimism that I would make a difference and my time spent would have an impact. Those things only happen if others are willing to allow it.  After a long night chat with my man I decided to face the weekend with things that in no way resembled 'office labor', but instead immerse myself back into my homestead. 

   Instead of office and politics, there were recipes to test and cheese to make. The desire to get dirt under my nails drove me to much needed time in my garden and my stalls. Somehow, someway I have to get back to days of turning and hoeing, pulling and plotting. These are the things that keep me centered; the places I need to return to. 

   Here at Scaife Family Farm we wish you a safe and blessed day of non-labor. My garden is my focus today as I am home alone- ready to focus and refresh. 


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Dolly Sarrio said...

Enjoy your non labor day at the homestead! I know it is our goal to change the world and it would be perfect if others would work together to help make that dream come true. It will always be a work in progress. Think about it though I know you Michele and you are making a difference in whatever you decide to do!