Monday, October 14, 2013

A Natural Girl

    Loading plants into a very small car, a conversation was sparked over Jujubees. The gentle, older man and his wife talked of medicinal properties- the reason for their purchasing four trees, and for me trying to put them in this tiny, tiny car. Such a sweet conversation with a sweet couple. Before we walked away, another man assisting us asked why the couple shared the information with us- what was the reason he thought we might want to know. The couple smiled, she is a natural girl.
    We walked back to our station as the couple drove away- trees safely tucked inside their tiny car. The man asked what they meant- a natural girl. Not sure myself of the reason I asked his thoughts on the matter- because you are plain? We had a good laugh, never solving the mystery of the couples insight. Could it be my long, simple hair? The lack of make up, manicure, or such?
     My guys back home had quite a laugh-themselves not sure the nature of their comments. In the end, it doesn't matter- I enjoyed the information and the calmness of our conversation. Besides, there is nothing wrong with being called a natural girl.

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