Thursday, October 31, 2013

Small Space Homesteading: Contentment

     One of my biggest struggles with regard to my homesteading is contentment. It seems my heart is always reaching toward a bigger, grander plot- but it shouldn't be. There isn't any reason why my heart can't thrive right where I am with the blessings I have been given.
      A great bit help in this area is to occasionally take stock of how far I have come. Sometimes we just need a reminder of the path we have been traveling. From the balcony of a tiny apartment to the lot of a subdivision, our family made strides and steps that each brought us closer to where we are now. Remembering the journey strengthens me for the road ahead or the tough day I may be having at the time.
      Sadly, though I live a larger homesteading life now than I did back then, I still struggle with contentment. The world has grown up around my homestead and that feeds the desire to move to a larger set up. Homesteading isn't about size or grandeur, I believe it is about doing what we can, with what we have, where we are- and that means staying within our budget in doing so.
      Another issue with contentment is remembering that we have to have a unified homesteading vision. This journey should not tear my family apart or cause division- and it can. While I am a dive right in and do it all right now personality that grew up with large family farm visions, my husband has a completely different personality and outlook. Sometimes this rages into a discontentment bringing me a need for perspective. His outlook balances my wild fancy- without each other this homestead would never work. I dream it, he plans it and eventually determine whether we do it.
      In the end, a walk through the gardens, a breathed prayer and a bit of perspective often restores my soul and sets my mind back in order. Grow where you are planted and enjoy the blossoms along the way!

Next week we take a look at broadening our horizons as we move into larger homesteading!



Dicky Bird said...

Oh this sounds so much like me and my husband. He didn't have a "heart" for homesteading - rather land for hunting. I had visions of all kinds of critters - hard lessons with herdsmanship quickly helped curb that one. We have had all kinds of pets, just not as many as I had envisioned. He use to go to the livestock auctions to pick up bull calves for us to raise. He would say, "you can never come with me, as you would fill the trailer with kinds of animals...." Well, this past June, I went for the first time, as I did find the animals cute...I saw all the "work" - he on the other hand wanted to get goats and piglets along with the bull calves. What? you hated my goats!!! Funny how things change. I had to tell HIM no. I'm happy with what we have now. That might change next year....blessings from Ringle, WI.

Michelle said...

We are working with 2/3 of an acre. I have chickens and three small gardens. I wanted to let you know I am doing another game/ give away. This time it will be a hidden object game. Hope you can join us.