Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Small Space Homesteading: Health

     Health concerns are prominent in most homes- everywhere we look health conscious advertising, marketing and information. One area of homesteading often overlooked is maintaining our health. Dependent upon the depth of homesteading commitments, health coverage may not be an option- or it may be a modest coverage. There were many of our early years where health coverage wasn't available to us.
      Whether or not coverage exists, we are still responsible to educate ourselves and be aware of things within our means to improve our overall health. Homesteading offers us whole foods and plenty of exercise to keep us moving and improving, but illness and accident can happen to anyone.
        It has been our personal conviction to educate ourselves about natural and common sense proactive, preventative treatments. Understanding our bodies, our immunities and how they work give us a leg up on the germ war. The more we can do for ourselves the less dependent we are on outside care. Our family always focuses on what we can do and going for help when it is apparent we need it.
         Some areas we continually strive to learn more about are: nutrition, fitness, essential oils, herbal remedies, and improving immunity naturally. Integrative, holistic health improves our independence and strengthens us for times when illness does come. Overall, we have been very blessed to have minimal health needs while living a healthy and very active homesteading life.
          No matter what size our homestead, or even if we homestead at all, our health is in our hands- an area we can improve upon one step- one choice- at a time.


Michelle said...

We are trying to learn as much as we can about herbal health care. I use several homemade remedies we have learned.They work really well.

Dicky Bird said...

We have always been blessed with insurance. My husband has a factory job. However, homesteading does require some common sense and thinking outside the box. I can't tell you how many things I've done, to our animals ... thinking, well, this works for a human, why not on an brother-in-law is a vet. I will tell him, I did this or that (not for major things), but he always says, that was a good idea or basically that is what we would have done. This has saved us a lot of money on vet bills.