Monday, November 4, 2013

Let Us Pause a Moment

     In the midst of sharing our homestead path, a few conversations occurred that remind me of my faults. Any time someone shares their struggles and stumbles on their journey toward something new I realize my failing. Let us pause a moment, stepping away from the joy of a homestead path and look deeply at a few things.
     First and foremost we need to look at my humanity. My family and I are real people in a real world who make real mistakes and get real angry. Having been on our journey together for over 20 years, we have fought, fumbled and made complete messes out of almost everything only to have to pick up the pieces and start again. Only today I sat fussing at myself over my inability to keep it all together. I am horribly flawed and desperately wicked- trust me.
     Next order of business to address - I do not have it all together. Not everything gets done, nor does everything stay clean or orderly. Weeds happen- dishes get overlooked- a quilt lies unfinished- cleaning is forgotten. Some days the overwhelming reality of my 'to do' list knocks me clear off my feet and drives me to tears. It is true, I am the person who can't sleep because the brain just won't shut off.
      Last for today, let me say nothing here is intended to pose shame or disgrace on another. Homesteading, self-sufficiency, health choices, and creative/craft hobbies are personal and deeply diverse. My desire is to inspire and encourage each person where they are, with in their means, and to the extent they feel led. Enough shame can be found and felt at the hands of the elite and entitled; I am not one of them for I stand in the trenches with you.
       Tonight I pause for a moment realizing it is far to easy to let our public life seem perfect and precise. It is a temptation to seem to have all the answers and to expect others to follow suite. I pause to share reality and remind us all we are unique, flawed, and fantastic. Let's pause to embrace our blessings, accept our reality, and press forward.